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PostSubject: carpenwater:clacton   carpenwater:clacton I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 6:58 pm

Location in South East:
Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, England.

Telephone 01255 479918 or email to

Day Tickets: Carpenwater became a syndicate fishery with only 8 members in 2007 - no day tickets available.

Not available.

Best Baits:
Maggot, pellet, prawns.

Getting There:
Not available

Carpenwater is a private coarse fishing lake of about 1 acre in size located on a working farm in Clacton on Sea in Essex. Never having been fished before, Carpenwater opened to anglers in April 2005. Bookings are limited to one day a week - this is to keep the fishing as good as possible with no chance of overfishing.

During 2004 the lake was stocked with several hundred fast growing small king carp and some into double figures, tench to 4lb, ide to 2lb, crucian carp to 1lb and ghost carp approaching double figures. There are also some large Koi and a number of resident coarse fish already present including some nice rudd.

- All anglers must hold a valid E.A. Rod licence.
- Maximum 2 rods per angler.
- Keep nets are only allowed in matches.
- Anglers must have their own unhooking mat and a suitable size landing net.
- Only barbless hooks to be used.
- All fish to be returned to the water alive.
- No Shelf life Boilies, nuts of any kind or trout pellets [carp pellets are allowed].
- No under 16s will be allowed to fish without a fishing adult.

The first few bookings have now taken place with mixed results depending on the weather. The warm spell saw a few nice carp taken close in on prawns with a 14lb ghost being the biggest fish so far. As the lake has quite a lot of silt the marginal slopes which are silt free are the best bet until the water temperature rises. Single hookbaits with a light scattering of carp pellets is the best method. Float fished maggots and pellets for rudd, small carp and ide. Fishing in the upper water layer when the sun shines produces nice rudd. Spring 2005

**Carpenwater gets the go ahead to stock Wels Catfish**
After a long wait, Carpenwater have now been given the relevant paperwork and certificates to legally introduce Wels Catfish into their fishery. The Wels will be stocked towards the end of September so they can settle in before the cold weather arrives. This will give the fish a long period without any angling pressure to get used to their surroundings before the spring of 2006. October 2005

**Carpenwater becomes a syndicate only water**
Carpenwater has now become a syndicate fishery with only eight members. They feel this is the best way forward in keeping Carpenwater a top quality fishery and optimising the fishing performance. The limited amount of fishing will help keep the stress levels to a minimum for the fish and will also help the ones that have been caught to recover.

This is the first year they have allowed fishing between January and April and as a result a few problems have been encountered. The main problem being all the rain which has made things very wet and with all the foot traffic up and down between the swims it has got very messy! The other problem has been the slippery slope to the swims. To combat these problems they plan to construct some wood chip bivvy swims which will help keep things clean and dry. Each swim will also have a few steps down the slope to the rods which will save you from slipping or falling over whilst running to get your hands on your rod. There will be four swims consisting of 2 standard bivvy size and the other 2 swims to accomodate the larger bivvy.

Fishing will be allowed from any location on the lake but all anglers must stick to the marked swims and not get in the way of each other. This will allow for some early morning stalking or some float fishing amongst the reeds as the carp do love routing around for food. Carpenwater will be running a few competitions during this season, one for the biggest carp, one for the biggest catfish and one for best catch so keep a record of your fish. Photographs will be required for any claims and the weights must be witnessed. 2007

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