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 Foreign object (professional wrestling)

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PostSubject: Foreign object (professional wrestling)   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:03 pm

"Foreign object" is a professional wrestling term for an object introduced into the match, that is not a part of the match to begin with. Foreign objects are often used to give the bearer an unfair advantage. According to the supposed rules of professional wrestling, if a foreign object is used inside the ring on another wrestler in the presence of a referee, the user would be immediately disqualified. Forcing the opponent into parts of a ring, however, such as the turnbuckles, or the surrounding areas, such as the announce tables, is not illegal. Thus, while picking up the steel steps leading to the ring and using it on an opponent is illegal, ramming an opponent against the steps while the steps are on the floor is not.

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PostSubject: Re: Foreign object (professional wrestling)   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Foreign object (professional wrestling)   Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:26 pm

Choosing a Vertical Rotisserie

Well you need to first buy a good rotisserie because the rotation and heat matter a lot. It is adorable to think you can simply cook with an adventurous and aggressive personality but being alert to equipment matters.

Thinking of cooking some shwarma, an Arabian meat dish cooked on a vertical rotisserie?

Well you need to first buy a good rotisserie because the rotation and heat matter a lot. It is adorable to think you can simply cook with an adventurous and aggressive personality but being alert to equipment matters. There are several types of vertical rotisserie available on the market. There is the electric and gas and even coal!

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Vertical rotisserie can be blushingly expensive. A bright, clean, clear model that creates cloudy, colorful and crowded food can cut your cute bank account into the dark and drab. The distinct feature of a good machine is the dull reliability of elegant engineering. The more excited the salesman, the more fancy the features, and then the more difficult it can be later on to fix it.

Cooking appliances are not meant to be glamorous or gleaming. They are not gorgeous or graceful. The most grotesque machine can yield a handsome and homely result. Good cooking is light, and durable appliances last long. The most magnificent machine to give you misty eyes will sit motionless and muddy next to the trashcan. An old-fashioned rotating grill is plain and poised but predictable.

Save precious money and avoid the shiny and get the quaint. When setting up the rotating grill, have good air circulation to avoid a smoggy cooking environment. Give up on that sparkling, spotless kitchen because this device can be a stormy relationship with lots of fat and meat sputtering and spraying. You thought it was strange when you saw people cook outdoors right? Itís because these verticial rotating rotisseries are ugly. They are the ugliest and most unsightly and unusual machines but wide-eyed tourists alive with passion and annoying accents will take the bad because they think its better, even possibly beautiful.

The brainy spenders are going to be busy and careful so they want meat that is breakable and easy to digest. Thatís what a good machine provides. Cautious operation will yield clever profits that even clumsy employees with little grilling experience can provided. Safer than horizontal rotisserie because concerned health inspectors know it takes little to maintain a vertical rotisserie.

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PostSubject: Re: Foreign object (professional wrestling)   

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Foreign object (professional wrestling)
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