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 You can protect yourself against the coming financial US col

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PostSubject: You can protect yourself against the coming financial US col   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:44 am

What do you do when the brightest minds in the country are saying that the US is 3 to 36 months away from financial collapse. If you do not want to lose everything you have, you had better take a step back and understand that this condition is real, not a conspiracy theory and that you do not have a great deal of options.
First you need to prove in your own mind just how real the problem is and exactly how it will affect you. The Heritage Foundation is just one of many sources of opinions. It is a big one. It has advised the presidents of our country on financial matters for decades. The Cato institute is another. Both agree the US is in grave danger of financial collapse. In addition you will find many of the richest and knowledgeable minds below that are in agreement. In fact you will not find many if any, that say this is nonsense. Some wealthy people are already giving away much of their money. They know they have so much that it is impossible to protect it so they give it away to others to meet the challenge with smaller amounts of money other hands.

Assuming for a moment that all the opinions that matter are in agreement with you, what will financial collapse to the US mean to you? It is not something that will happen in the first hour, like a hydrogen bomb being dropped. But it will drastically affect everyone who owns anything or has an income paid in US dollars who do nothing but wait in disbelief for it to come.

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You can protect yourself against the coming financial US col
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