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  Angels & Airwaves - LOVE (2010)

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PostSubject: Angels & Airwaves - LOVE (2010)   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:58 am

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When Tom Delonge says that his bandís latest album is ďlike blending Radiohead and U2 together", itís hard to take him seriously. Maybe itís because this is the same guy who once sang ďI know a guy who has sex with his sister/He used his **** to pop her four-foot blisterĒ. Maybe itís because his whiney voice is more reminiscent of a male Avril Lavigne than it is of Bono or Thom Yorke. Or maybe itís because after two mediocre efforts, itís fairly safe to say that Angels & Airwaves (often referred to as AvA) will never be in the same league as U2 or Radiohead.

Whatever the reason, itís still hard not to admire Delongeís ambition. Following the implosion of blink-182, Delonge could have easily replicated his previous success by forming another pop-punk trio singing about sex and teenage rebellion. Instead, he decided to pull his head in and attempt to create what he considered to be the best band in the world. The music was as epic as it was pretentious. The lyrics were uplifting and anthemic, albeit clichťd. Everything seemed to fit the template of a stadium rock band. The only thing holding Angels & Airwaves back was Delongeís lack of songwriting ability.

The main gripe I have with Angels & Airwaves is the constant failure of their music to reach a satisfying climax. Some of their songs have intros that last up to three minutes, only to lead to something tremendously underwhelming. Itís as though Delonge has the idea in his head, but he is unable to put it into motion in the real world.

If youíre expecting the bandís third studio effort to be an improvement on the first two albums, you are setting yourself up to be severely disappointed. To put it simply, LOVE continues from where I-Empire finished, which coincidentally is where We Donít Need to Whisper left us. LOVE closer ďSome Origins of FireĒ could have easily replaced ďValkyrie MissileĒ as the opening track to We Donít Need to Whisper

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Angels & Airwaves - LOVE (2010)
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