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 glen faba:lee valley parks.

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PostSubject: glen faba:lee valley parks.   glen faba:lee valley parks. I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 2:28 pm

Permit Day and Night
Price (£) Adult 146.80
Price (£) Concessions 117.50
Max No. Rods 4
Open all year Yes

Glen Faba

Criteria and schedule for member selection.

Glen Faba is situated in what can only be described as a very sensitive area being unique due to unusual complexities of access to the Lake, the ownership of the surrounding land and the need to protect and develop the biodiversity of the site as a whole.

Therefore it is imperative that as this fishery is opened for angling there are a number of stipulations put in place to protect the lakes integrity, flora and fauna, and prevent any angling associated use of the lake offending neighbouring residents and landowners.
In view of this it has become necessary to ensure all potential members formally apply to the Fisheries in writing whereby all applications will be assessed using the following criteria.

Previous History (Last Five Years)
Any of the below will automatically remove the application from further consideration.
Any current, pending or previous disciplinaries within the last five years.
Any previous refusal to allow process of permit applications.
Any previous permit application misappropriation i.e. submission ofmisleading names and addresses.

Any previous Park incident reports where the applicant is implicated.
Any misuse, abuse or misrepresentation of Authority bylaws, fisheries rules and conditions.
Any unauthorised and inappropriate publication or use of photos, text or material related to the Authority’s fisheries.
Any previously noted inappropriate behaviour by the applicant towards Authority staff.

Letter and application
Any of the below will remove the application from further consideration
Any misleading or false personal details i.e. name, address, and telephone numbers.
Any letters with threatening or intimidating content.
Any multiple applications.
Any applications which arrive after the closing date.

All letters received before the closing date 21st August2008 will be put into a Draw. Allletters will be drawn at random.
Each letter will be opened and each application assessed by the above criteria.

All failed applications will be destroyed within 28 days.
The number of successful applications will be counted and a further number of letters equal to the unsuccessful applications to complete the12 current spaces will be drawn.

This will continue until there are12 potential members.
The same schedule will re commence until another 50 potential members are drawn to complete the 50 applicant waiting list.

All12 potential members will be offered permits and given a deadline to complete the process including payment.

At this deadline if the12 permits are not successfully processed, the number required to complete the membership will be taken from the waiting list.
These applications will be given a timeframe to complete.

Once the membership is completed if any applications are taken from the waiting list, the equal number will again be drawn from the sack until there is a 50 applicant waiting list. However should there not be 50 remaining this list will remain open until 50 applicants are listed.

The remaining applications will be destroyed within 28 days of receipt.
Should any members decline the invitation to renew their permits by September 4th 2008 will initiate this process again for the equal number of spaces on the 50 application waiting list used to complete the membership.
All of the above is final and not open to negotiation or change The Fisheries & Angling Managers decision is final.

Glen Faba is a mature gravel pit of almost 120 acres in size. The lake is a maze of gravel bars, islands, points and bays with silty depths of 25 to over 30ft in many places, hence location is the key to catching and currently there are no designated swims.

Once located the fish are not always difficult to catch. However this lake has never been officially stocked and the exceptionally low stock levels in such a naturally rich waterhas led to high growth rates.
Glen Faba holds a small number of Carp, however these are predominantly in the 30 - 40lb+ size range.

For the Carp, find features such as bars, plateaus, holes in weed beds and gullies. The north section is very under-fished and could be worth persevering with.

This water is a conservation area and fish are frequently seen in the margins of the numerous secluded bays. The water suits the mobile angler as the low stocking level means that fish location is paramount.

There is a limit of four rods per angler. The 'Out of Bounds' areas are not to be fished without exception. DO NOT under any circumstances park across any gates or entrances.

Glen Faba is controlled as a limited member Day/Night Season Permit fishery. A waiting list is in operation for this fishery. For details on permit availability see the News page on this site.

There are currently no parking areas allocated to this fishery.

Access from Ratty's Lane. Hoddesdon, Herts.

Before fishing this Lake you must ensure that you are totally familiar with both sets of rules
Up to four rods can be used by each angler, the maximum distance between all four rods being four metres.
This Lake is not an exclusive angling venue and is managed for its biodiversity, therefore any areas sectioned off for Conservation work i.e. Habitat improvement, planting etc are totally out of bounds until further notification (signage and/or letter)
There are currently no parking areas allocated to this fishery. All vehicles must be parked in public areas and are left totally at the owners risk and remain their responsibility. Any vehicle found obstructing any entrance to the Glen Faba site may be removed and the recovery/storage cost levied upon the owner.
Only footpaths leading to and around the perimeter of the lake as marked in the map accompanying the permit can be used
Angling on this lake will be continually monitored, whereby any problems caused by the members or the angling concession applied to this lake can necessitate the total removal of angling from this fishery at any given time.
All general fishery rules apply.
Any breach of these specific rules (1- 5) will invalidate your permit and any additional angling permit held within the LVRPA.

ow ya diddlin?
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glen faba:lee valley parks.
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